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Following object(s) was/were not found ATXN2 BANF1 C10orf116 C15orf63 CXorf27 CHD3 CRMP1 DNAJB4 EIF2C2 FEZ1 FICD F8A1 GPRASP2 GRAP GSX2 HSPB8 KIAA1377 MED31 MTSS1 NCOR1 OPTN PACSIN1 RASD2 SAP30 SLC25A19 ZDHHC17 ZNF395

CASP2 -----> apoptosis: MAP3K10 ------> MAPK : MAGEA3 ------> Melanoma: PDK2 --------> glycolysis IKBKAP --> B cell signalling HIP1R -----> Huntington's disease

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