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The datasets contains lists of genes and environmental risk factors positively associated with Bipolar disorder. The gene tables provide a brief description of function and highlight relationships between the genes and their protein products. Each gene is linked to Entrez gene, OMIM , GeneCards and Pubmed. Links to Biogrid are provided in some cases. Genecards data are with the permission of GeneCards.org

These datasets orginally accompanied the following papers and are regularly updated. Abstracts

Carter, C.J..Multiple genes and factors associated with bipolar disorder converge on growth factor and stress activated kinase pathways controlling translation initiation: Implications for oligodendrocyte viability. Neurochem Int 50, 461-490

...EIF2B and oligodendrocyte vulnerability: Where nature and nurture meet in Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia ? Schiz Bull.33,1343-1353. 2007

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