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from the Kanehisa laboratories with thanks: Figures are subject to KEGG copyright conditions.

Enhanced links to childhood obesity related genes are provided by


Yellow = obesity genes: RED = compounds whose levels change, or which are toxic (glutamate/fructose)

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Following object(s) was/were not found ALSMS1 ARL15 BBS4 BBS6 BCIN3D cpd:C01719 cpd:C05151 cpd:C11045 C20orf133 CRP EDIL3 FAIM2 FBN2 FLJ20309 FLJ35579 FOXP2 FTO GCKR HOXB5 INSIG2 KCTD15 KIF2B LRRN6C LYPLAL1 MAGEL2 MLN MTCH2 MUC15 NMU NNAT OLFM4 PCSK1 PNPLA1 PTER PTP1B RAFTLIN RTN4 SEC16B SNRPN SP7 TBCA TFAP2B TMEM18 TRAM1L1 cpd:C18182 UCP2 UCP3 ZNF248 ZPLD1
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